HEY THERE! Amanda here! AKA. The Progress Mom

Put simply I’m a recovering perfectionist who needs new grace every day, on a journey to find more time and newfound inner strength. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and I hope you’ll stay a while because I have a feeling we are a lot like.

We both wake up everyday just hoping to survive and not get caught being a fraud. You know cause we’ve been pretending we know what’s up and how life goes. We’re trying to make life look easy…

But life is HARD, and things almost never go as planned! Still each and every day we must wake up and try, show up, at least go through the motions, right? Life’s not easy and just like raising kids – it may take a village… That’s where I come in.

My hope for this blog is for women to come and be encouraged through the stories and resources provided here. Sometimes, it’s easy to think I’m the only one, {insert whatever you’re doing and how you are feeling here}…’ I’m here to tell you, You Are Not Alone!

On this blog you will find real life stories, advice and a whole lot of me not having the answers but being right there with you. There’s no one size fits most for life, or even a part of life. It’s complicated and messy, but with a little intention can go a long way to living the life you love.

Within the posts on this blog you will find ways to relate to reality, tips for intentionally living… Not by being perfect, but by waking up each day and trying. If it doesn’t work, try something else again tomorrow! My goals to be as transparent as I’m able, about my weaknesses and struggles, and man I have them!

If you’re anything like me and I think we’ve established we all are 😂 — You know what it’s like to be overwhelmed. I’ve created and tested a simple solution just for you and me.
I call it the Play-By-Play Workbook, a guide to beat overwhelm. I would love to give that to you straight in your inbox. As soon as I launch {I'm aiming for mid August}. Use the sign up box below, and you'll be the first to know {plus the awesome Play-By-Play workbook will be yours too!